Welcome to Room 303 and Learnstrong

Welcome to the 2020 Fall Semester in room 303!!!

Welcome to McGee’s room 303!

If you are new to 303 you might want to study the following four videos and take some good notes so you understand our class rhythms. Please see your course outline down below and see your class video link lectures (in YouTube) to the left.

The 303 Intro Lectures: 
    303 Intro, Lecture 1, Rules & Logistics: 
    303 Intro, Lecture 2, Master Schedule: 
    303 Intro, Lecture 3, Annotation: 
    303 Intro, Lecture 4, Writing: 

Fall 2020
Period 1: Senior AP/1010
Period 2: Freshman Honors
Period 3: Senior B (Orange)
Period 4: Senior A/1010 (Orange)
Period 6: Senior A (Black)
Period 7: Freshman A